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Kids Programs

Only Martial Arts School in El Paso Certified by Skillz

Check out classes for different age groups. Simply see which age group your child falls into and click the corresponding button.

Raising a Champion in Life

Helping children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Would you like to ensure that your child will grow up to be confident, fit, and capable of handling themselves regardless of the obstacles they will face? Our classes are jam-packed with fun and exciting martial arts exercises that kids love! You’ll love our classes too because they’ll bring out the inner champion in your child!

When your child participates in classes, our talented Black Belt instructors will give your child an incredible workout while instilling important leadership and character building skills. Each class is full of age-appropriate drills and games to help your child develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Time and time again, parents tell us about the positive changes they see in their kids.

Today there are dozens of options for fun kid's activities, but none can give your child the benefits they’ll get from taking martial arts classes! From giving kids a lifelong appreciation for fitness and engaging them with other kids their age in a fun and safe setting to teaching kids self-defense and building their self-confidence, our martial arts classes are simply one of the best gifts you can give your child!

  •  A great workout that kids love
  •  Healthy activities that stimulate muscle growth and flexibility
  •  Improved coordination
  •  Unbreakable focus and concentration that leads to better grades
  •  A proven system to boost your child's self-esteem
  •  Critical life lessons to cope with peer pressure and bullying
  •  Leadership skills that separate your kids from the pack
  •  An appreciation for goal setting
  • Plenty of positive reinforcement to develop a no-quitting spirit
  •  Bully Proof and Stranger Danger Curriculum

Our Academy is the ONLY one in El Paso that is certified by Spectrum Skillz


Adult Programs

Click the Button Below to Check Out Classes for Ages 15 and Up!

  • ​Increased flexibility and strength and fitness to look and feel great
  •  Razor-sharp reflexes
  •  Unbreakable concentration
  •  A huge boost to your self-confidence
  •  A drastic reduction in your daily stress levels
  •  Improved leadership skills
  •  Great community that supports you throughout your training

America's Best Karate for Adults

Get Fit, Have Fun, And Learn A Valuable Skill!

​Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit through our martial arts training. You will gain increased power and flexibility, enhanced focus, better reflexes, and meet some real cool people! Plus you will learn self-defense skills for many different scenarios.

Mixed Martial Arts training is fitness with a purpose! Because we believe that a sound body is only one part of the equation, we also train to strengthen our minds and spirit. Our adult students tell us that their focus, attitudes, and overall mental states have improved significantly since joining our program.

We incorporate the best of several different styles of martial arts to create a well-balanced student, so you can defend yourself in any situation. Once you have achieved greater intellectual and physical fitness, you will find that you are far more self-confident in everyday situations. You will come to believe that there are no obstacles that are too tall and no goals that are too large.

Regardless of your experience or fitness level, you'll be able to learn everything you need to succeed in martial arts. And you'll get in the shape you've always wanted to be in while enjoying the many other benefits. So, sign up today!

​Martial arts, karate, self-defense and kickboxing classes for teens and adults in El Paso, TX

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This group welcomes all kind and courteous parents in or near El Paso, TX
Exceptional Parents Raise Exceptional Kids in El Paso
Join the group with parents all over El Paso. 

Who is this group for?

  • Parents looking to interact with other parents going through similar challenging family adventures. 
  • ​Parents looking to grow with and learn from other parents, and teach what they know to other parents as well. 
  • Parents looking for encouragement, and looking to give encouragement to other parents.
  • Parents looking to give great advice to others, and looking to receive great advice as well.
  • ​Parents looking to build or grow their support network in El Paso. 
Webinars by ABK 

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Learn about a program that can get your kids Fit & Focused for this new year!

Presented by one of our Instructor's 

Mandi McIntyre, Third Degree Black Belt

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Blogs and Vlogs

Is Your Child Ready for School?

The past year and a half of school have been such a tumultuous ride. From school closures to virtual classes to partial reopening, it seems as if our children have experienced every out-of-the-norm scenario we could come up with. And although the goal was to keep them safe, children’s development took a significant hit. We’ve seen more significant emotional distress, poorer health choices, regression in cognitive momentum, and decreased social skills. So, as the new school year approaches, it is more important than ever to ensure that they are prepared for school in ways that covers all developmental areas.

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Weekly Vlogs

September 15, 2021

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Student Success Stories
Student Success Stories

Wynton V.

Mrs. H

Chris G.

ABK Powerful Words

Martial arts is more than just punches and kicks. We teach important values and virtues in every class. 

Each month we teach our students a different Powerful Word like "Health," "Focus," and "Excellence." 


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Upcoming Events 

Parents' Night Out

Currently this event is suspended due to COVID-19.

We are planning to restart in the fall of 2021!

Parents, drop your kids off and enjoy a night out. 

 This event is FREE to the entire community 

and lasts from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

We have age specific games, pizza, legos, contests, and more.

This event takes place at AB Karate EVERY MONTH

so contact us for the date and theme. 

Click here to watch this event in action!

(915) 833-3400


ABK's Summer Camps

Our summer camps are one of a kind. With Legos, arts & crafts, daily snacks, age appropriate games, and many more activities, your kiddos are sure to have a blast. 

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